American Express - Gift Card US

As technical lead I developed the complete overhaul of the Gift Card buying experience. Gift Card wanted a modern site that worked on all devices.

  • I contributed to the UX & design on our team from start to production to ensure usability across all devices.
  • Worked closely with the client following their Agile methodoligy. Daily stand-ups kept me in the loop with AMEX dev teams around the world.
  • I engineered a custom templating system using Grunt, Silex & Twig. My templating system automated the creation of 100+ pages. The template also allowed the reuse of modules through the site.
  • By using PhantomJS & CasperJS for testing I was able to automagically run tests on our deliveries.
    • Running regression testing & generating screenshots of each module I was able to cut QA time by 2/3.
    • Genrated screenshots created transparency with the client, AMEX legal & design teams.
  • Code surpassed performance tests by the client for SEO, page speed, XSS attacks & accessible markup.
  • Deliveries passed real-life & automated accessibility tests for ADA compliance required by AMEX.

All deliveries met the deadlines required by the Amex dev teams. The redesign was a huge success with a 45% increase in conversions across all devices.

Role: Technical Lead

Live Site: