FX Networks - Spread the Strain

FX wanted a unique marketing campaign for the 2nd season of their TV show, The Strain. Fans were invited to play the Twitter game ‘Spread The Strain’.

The game works like this:

  • Visitors to the site would OAuth into our Twitter app returning the user to a view that allows them to invite their followers to play the game.
  • The user is then invited to Tweet about the show using a hashtag to earn points towards winning a prize & unlocking exclusive previews.
  • Each time a tweet with the game’s hashtag is retweeted the score is amplified by the number of the retweeter’s followers.
  • Community rewards are unlocked as the users’ collective score grows.

The scoring system mimicked the ‘vampire virus’ in the show. A simple admin allowed the social team to monitor engagement. @chrisltd was the other half of this project.

Role: Technical Lead