American Express - Bluebird

Marketing site & Secure pages for AMEX & Wal-Mart’s co-branded prepaid card.

I worked directly with client to create estimates, problem solve, & manage resources on our end.

  • First AMEX website hosted on 3rd party servers.
  • I created a server setup & deployment that could handle millions of visitors.
  • Custom PHP app routed content & simplified continuous improvement.
  • Met strict standards for ADA accessibility, SEO, & Page Speed.
  • Passed AMEX security tests.
  • Setup alerts, logs & worked round the clock with AMEX/Serve’s NOC to prevent downtime.
  • I contributed to design & UX/UI for both website & mobile apps.
  • Responsible for asset creation for the Bluebird iOS & Android mobile app.
  • Worked with consultants at Omniture, AMEX DNS services & DoubleClick.
  • Directed design updates sent to client.
  • Estimated updates & created delivery timelines for client.
  • Optimized simutanous updates between mutiple SVN branches for efficiency.
  • Maintained for 5+ years, including a rebranding, with successful continuous integration.

Got help from @waine_joe & @andyMejia with maintenance. @option8films helped with account management.

Role: Technical Lead

Live Site: