Handling 3rd Party Service Rate Limits with Sidekiq & ActiveJob

Jul 14, 2020 • Ben Sochar

Working with Sendgrid we found we hit rate limits very quickly on their marketing & validation endpoints. Since validating emails & updating contact fields isn’t super critical we could keep retrying.

Here’s an example job:

# frozen_string_literal: true

class MySlowJob < ApplicationJob
  RateLimitExceeded = Class.new(StandardError)

  queue_as :default
  sidekiq_options retry: 10, backtrace: 10

  retry_on RateLimitExceeded, wait: rand(10..240).minutes

  def perform(user_id)
    User.uncached do
      user = User.find(user_id)
      # Call the service that hits the API:
      response = MySlowService.new(user).perform
      # Responses can vary depending on the service
      raise(RateLimitExceeded) if response.headers['x-ratelimit-remaining'].to_i < 2
  rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound

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